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Every year TheFreaks organize try-outs where new talents get the chance to apply for the B-Freaks team. At different stations, the participants are tested for the required qualities (gymnastics, strength, flexibility, acrobatics and dance). Particularly talented and very well trained gymnasts have the option of a separate try-out during the season after consulting Coach O.C. Ono.

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12 / lower secondary school
– controlled, straight handstand
(5 seconds)
– front walkover / back walkover
– Rondat Flick / Rondat back somersault
– forward somersault (tucked, piked)
(also possible onto higher ground)
– splits, scorpion, scales
– L-sit, straddled L-sit
– press-ups, pull-ups (diagonal)
– shuttle position – abdomen & back
– learning of a short dance
– choreography

Excellent body tension, body control and orientation skills during gymnastic exercises are crucial.


16 / higher secondary school
– controlled handstand (5 seconds)
– backwards roll
– forward somersault (tucked, piked)
(also possible onto higher ground)
– various fitness strength tests
– L-sit, pull-ups, push-ups
– shuttle position
– abdomen & back
– learning of a short dance
– choreography

Excellent body control, maximum strength and strength duration as well as 100% ability to concentrate under pressure are required.


TRAINING: Usually we practice twice a week – Thursdays 4pm-7:30pm and Saturdays 1pm-6pm! Due to a full schedule, practice may take place on Sundays as well. If required by special events, the practice duration might be increased up to 9 hours per day (e.g. Saturdays 10am-7pm) or practice might take place on both days of the weekend.

We practice all year long (also during school holidays and on banks holidays).

PERFORMANCES: Performances mostly take place during the weekend (FR/SA/SU). During winter and the ball season we mostly perform around midnight while we are gone for a few days for festivals during summer. Depending on the location of the show we either drive home the same evening (arrival back home might be around 2am after a midnight performance) or spend the night on location at a hotel. During summer, for events that last several days, the organizers arrange an accommodation.

SCHOOL & JOB: For us it is very important that even though a lot of time is spent with and for the Freaks, the school performance does not suffer. For that, an open and honest approach towards teachers and school administration necessary, in order to get special vacation for certain events (e.g. for the “Die Große Chance” participation or the performance in Bahrain, a leave of absence from school for a few days is needed) granted.

COSTS: Usually we finance everything through our performances. Hotels, meals and travelling expenses are always taken care of. What has to be paid, is the annual membership fee for the gymnastics club and the basic equipment for our team (Freaks sweater, T-shirt, etc.) Additional costs come up once or twice a year for certain large events (e.g. travels to Finland, Italy).

LOGISTICS: Before a person applies for our team, they have to think about the time they/their parents have to invest, in order to make it to practice and performances. Parents (or members themselves by train) have to travel 2 or 3 times a week. After a midnight performance, when we return at 2am, parents have to pick them up and sometimes drive them to practice again the following day.

RISKS: What we do is dangerous, without a doubt. Like in any other competitive sport the typical sport injuries like bruises, grazes, injured ligaments or muscle tensions may occur. To be prepared in case of such an injury, everybody is advised to take out an accident and liability insurance.

ATTITUDE: Besides athletic skills, a positive attitude is required. To be full of fun, having the desire to make progress, the team spirit and the ability to work perfectly under a lot of pressure and stress is required over and over again.

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