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The Fight againt heat and hight

After a few hours sleep, we got up at 7:30 a.m., got some breakfast and made ourselves ready for departure to the racing track. We packed our equipment and a bus brought us the track. On the way we noticed some huge banners and advertisement buildings for the Formula 1 event. It seems like the whole city is getting ready for the race.

As we got off the bus, we were surprised by the heat and we knew, this won’t be an easy way to get through at our shows. Lucky that we have 4 instead of 6 shows per day.


Then we started with our stage training and unfortunately the matts got even hotter than expected. We couldn’t even stand on them, without getting blisters on the feet. So we started wearing two socks. Unfortunately this didn’t help either. So we took even 3 socks. But then, we got the good news that our stage will have some roof, so we don’t have to perform in the middle of the sun. But at the same time this was the bad news. The roof helped with the heat, but it wasn’t build high enough, which meant that we couldn’t present our high flying skills. We talked to the management but unfortunately there was nothing they could do about and we have to try to adjust to these circumstances. And surely we did. It took quite some time and some nerves to change the whole choreography but finally we made it and got all set for tomorrow.

“I can understand that my team was disappointed that we aren’t able to show our best skills. However, I know that we are still on a very high level and able to show some tricks, nobody has ever seen before. It will be an awesome time to perform here and the crowd will love our show for sure.”