The Freaks Showteam

Robert Aichinger

Profession: industrial clerk

School: Polytechnische Schule Leonding

Sporthauptschule Haid

Training hours: ca.12 per week


Character: helpful, friendly, ambitious, reserved, team player, crazy

Hobbies: reading, listing to music, skiing

I like…: meeting friends, sports, family

I don’t like…: lies, tomatoes, quarrel, gossiping

Favourite dish: noodle dishes, lasagne

Favourite drink: elderberry juice with mineral water

Favourite music: radio, charts

Favourite book: The Hunger Games


with TheFreaks since: 2013 (Freaks Try-Outs)

What I like about TheFreaks: „The good cooperation within the team and the challenges to the elements. To show the people what we got. And the fun we always have together.”