The Freaks Showteam

Jessica Matschiner

Profession: certified real estate agent

School: Sport BORG Linz

Sporthauptschule St.Valentin

Training hours: ca.13 per week


Character: reserved, quiet, helpful

Hobbies: meeting friends, running

I like…: performances, focusing on goals

I don’t like…: working out and stretching with sore muscles

Favourite dish: Spaghetti

Favourite drink: Vanilla Coke

Favourite movie: The Hunger Games

Favourite book: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Role model: every single one of TheFreaks because everyone has unique qualities


with TheFreaks since: 2009 (founding)

What I like about TheFreaks: „The team spirit and the trust, the friendship amongst us. To show the people over and over again what you have achieved by working hard.”