The Freaks Showteam

Thomas Frattner

Profession: civil servant

School: HS2, HAS Perg, HUAk Enns

Training hours: ca.21 per week


Character: humorous, honest, self-confident

Hobbies: gym, PS4, cinema, eating out

I like…: honest and friendly people, AUDI, nice weather, protein shakes

I don’t like…: stress, empty phone batteries

Favourite dish: Schnitzel, pizza

Favourite drink: Pepsi, Red Bull, mineral water with lemon juice

Favourite movie: Marvel movies

Favourite music: house dubstep


with TheFreaks since: 2013

What I like about TheFreaks: „Thanks to TheFreaks I have already experienced far more at my age than the majority of Austrians ever will. I’m proud to be part of a group that worked its way up to the show elite over the last years. The decision to join TheFreaks does not only mean fun and appreciation, above all it has changed my life significantly.”