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BAHRAIN F1 – Qualifying

Today we presented our second showprogram. But first we had some troubles with the strong wind. Sometimes sand came into our eyes, so we were a little worried if it gives us a hard time to see and catch our girls. The only good thing was, that it wasn’t that hot anymore. After our first show we visited a F1 Gamecenter, where we had a lot of fun with some Formula 1 race-simulators. We even learned how to change a wheel of a F1 car.

At our second show everything was great till the last song. Max fell down on the floor and somehow injured his shoulder and chest. Nevertheless, he fought till the end, but it was clear that he had to get a closer look at it. Therefore, Max, accompanied by Thomas, was driven with the ambulance, lead by a police escort, to the hospital, where 6 doctors made all kinds of test. They even checked if he had a heart attack because he pointed at his hurting chest. Meanwhile, the rest of the team started to change the whole choreography, to be able to perform without Thomas and Max. We knew the wouldn’t be back on time for the next show so we had to improvise as good as possible. Fortunately, the team was so focused that we did another great show and got a great feedback from the audience. After some time, Max and Thomas came back and we also got good news that his injury was nothing bad.

At the end of the day, we watched the qualifying and then made some party at the concert of Pitpull. Another part of the team got friends with the trapeze artists from london and some others also made it to go to the F1 track, walk on the racing course and even made connections with the staff.


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