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BAHRAIN F1 – Free Training

The first show-day started. After breakfast we went to the F1 racecourse at about 8.30 a.m. We rehearsed the whole choreography one more time and then prepared for our first show. With 100% concentration we performed and immediately it was clear that the audience will be totally amazed of our skills. Nevertheless, the heat was already horrible and that was just our first show. Our shirts were fully wet, our drinks were hot like tea and still, we were not allowed to lose concentration for one second. Not to imagine if we lose grip or slip in our own sweat. And that was just the first show. There were 3 more to come.

In our breaks we first talked to a Formula 1 designer from the USA and to professional trapeze artists from London. After that we got to watch an forum of some F1 stars, like Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rossberg, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Bernie Ecclestone and Niki Lauda. At the end, all those racers throw some caps into the crowd. Right away we used our acrobatics skills and made a shoulderstand to be the highest ones. All of the racers tried to throw their caps in our direction but unfortunately none of them had a great talent in aiming. But at the end we happily got one.

In the afternoon our Freaks fan of the year Dieter Völk surprised us by coming together with Patricia Völk to Bahrain and watching our shows. It was quite strange to see those familiar faces in the audience, although it’s such a far distance from home.

Unfortunately, our last show got cancelled because of some time troubles. So we used the rest of our evening to explore all the F1 fanshops and some of us watched the last part of the F1 practice.


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