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BAHRAIN F1 – The Departure

The day started with some bad news. Gerhard Brandstotter became sick over night and it was impossible for him to take part of the F1 journey. Therefore we flew with one man down to Bahrain. The flight itself was without any troubles. We had all our equipment and nobody else got sick on the plane. When we arrived in Bahrain we got picked up like VIP stars. Some photographers took some pictures of us and we got taken to the hotel by bus.

At the hotel the management team of the racing course welcomed us and gave us all the necessary information for the weekend. The best news was that instead of the planed 6 shows per day, we only had to perform 4. It would be still very draining and physically hard, but at least it was by far better than 6 shows. Tomorrow we are going to have some stage training and in the afternoon, we are going to meet an old Bahrain friend who is a photographer and hopefully take some great pictures. 1

Checkin OC Warten Poster Tis Airport