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BAHRAIN F1 – Das Rennen

Es war der krönende Abschluss, als TheFreaks auf der Zielgeraden der Rennstrecke standen und die Siegerehrung von Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rossberg und Kimi Raikkonen hautnah erleben durften. Aber alles schön der Reihe nach. Der Tag wurde gleich mal mit einem erfreulichen Blick auf die Nationale Zeitung begonnen, wo wir mit[…]

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BAHRAIN F1 – Qualifying

Today we presented our second showprogram. But first we had some troubles with the strong wind. Sometimes sand came into our eyes, so we were a little worried if it gives us a hard time to see and catch our girls. The only good thing was, that it wasn’t that[…]

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BAHRAIN F1 – Free Training

The first show-day started. After breakfast we went to the F1 racecourse at about 8.30 a.m. We rehearsed the whole choreography one more time and then prepared for our first show. With 100% concentration we performed and immediately it was clear that the audience will be totally amazed of our[…]

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The Fight againt heat and hight After a few hours sleep, we got up at 7:30 a.m., got some breakfast and made ourselves ready for departure to the racing track. We packed our equipment and a bus brought us the track. On the way we noticed some huge banners and[…]

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BAHRAIN F1 – The Departure

The day started with some bad news. Gerhard Brandstotter became sick over night and it was impossible for him to take part of the F1 journey. Therefore we flew with one man down to Bahrain. The flight itself was without any troubles. We had all our equipment and nobody else got sick[…]

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