The Freaks Showteam




With their captivating show und their breath-taking flight elements TheFreaks are part of Austria’s absolute show elite by now. Numerous national and international inquiries as well as an always completely ecstatic audience speak for themselves. The thing that makes TheFreaks unique though, is not just their athletic success but their team spirit. To live your dream day after day, to accomplish great things, to exceed yourself and while doing that, having a great time and having extraordinary experiences with people who are dear to your heart – that’s how to describe the life in TheFreaks best. To be with TheFreaks is not just a free-time activity but takes a lot of commitment and passion: “It is not a rare thing for us to perform Friday and Saturday and practice again on Sunday for the next show! To be a Freak is what you might call a life philosophy! To endure all of that, it not only takes a lot of discipline and stamina but also a lot of enthusiasm for the team!”



name: „TheFREAKS“ acrobatic show team

location: St.Valentin, Lower Austria

age: 14 – 29

Coach: O.C. Ono

founded: 2009

genre: show acrobatics

performances: ca. 30 – 50 shows per year

affiliation: Allgem. Turnverein St.Valentin 1911



TheFreaks are a young acrobatic show team from St. Valentin (Lower Austria). With their spectacular and in Austria unique throw elements, they entertain and astonish their audience week after week. Whirling people, double somersaults, human pyramids up to the ceiling or girls that are used as the rope in rope skipping; TheFreaks offer a guaranteed WOW effect for any event. The team, led by Coach O.C. Ono, made a name for itself, above all, with their successful participation in ORF’s TV programme “Die Große Chance” in 2011, as well as at RTL’s “Das Supertalent” in 2014. This year TheFreaks even got booked for a sensational performance at the Formula 1 GP in BAHRAIN.




Coach O.C. Ono took his first acrobatic steps at the Sport BORG Linz and he still is in close contact with the teachers there. After his graduation, he studied in the US, worked as a gymnastics trainer for kids and practiced as a Hollywood stuntman with the stunt-elite of America. After his return to Austria, he continued his work as demonstrator at the Allgemeinen Turnverein St. Valentin 1911, where he met his future Freaks.

After he was told by his former form teacher Hofer Franky about a talent show, he decided to found an acrobatic team in order to delight both audience and jury.

With nine talents from the gymnastics club he formed a team capable of performing at a show within a few weeks and won the casting. Their prize was the chance to perform at the Generali Ladies Tennis Trophy on the centre court in the Tips Arena. Reassured by thunderous applause, the show project became a unique team with the goal to always get better and more successful while not forgetting to have fun doing so.